Knapper Acquires

By 26 Sep 2023

Knapper, a ball hockey equipment manufacturer from Montreal, is proud to announce that it has acquired, one of the largest ball hockey leagues in Ontario, through its division Knapper Sports&Events. has been a pioneering force in the sport’s development, not only in Ontario but across North America, for nearly 30 years. It has organized numerous Signature events that have drawn teams from across Canada and the Northern United States, becoming iconic fixtures over the years.

With seven surfaces spanning four locations, serves over 4,000 players in St. Catharines (Canal Rink, Welland, Haig Bowl), and Orillia.

“Our intention is to build upon this strong player base and provide these passionate ball hockey players with a modern playing environment,” says Louis-Martin Beausejour, President of Knapper. New dek flooring will be installed, and boards will gradually be upgraded to meet ice hockey standards (aluminum structure + HDPE panels).

“We believe that ball hockey is a sport of the future,” Beausejour continues. “It’s fun, affordable, accessible, and easy to learn. When you think about it, ball hockey is essentially our national sport. Not everyone has played on ice, but almost every kid in the country has picked up a stick and a ball at least once.”

Ball hockey, also known as dek hockey, has seen rapid growth in recent years in Quebec, surpassing other popular sports like soccer in many communities. Dek surfaces have sprung up across the province, and multi-pad indoor facilities are now common in many towns. “There is tremendous potential for ball hockey in Ontario, and we aim to lead the way by offering state-of-the-art facilities wherever we go.”

Knapper also has plans to develop additional locations across Canada and invites interested parties to submit projects at

Their next goal is to reopen a venue in Barrie, where it all began in 1994. They are actively searching for a suitable location. became available following the passing of its founder, Brian Broley, in November 2021. His father, Mr. Frank Broley, now 92 years old, admirably continued operations until the sale. “Frank literally saved ball hockey for 4,000 players in the Niagara region, and many jobs as well,” said Beausejour. All jobs will be maintained following the acquisition.

The owners of Knapper will be on location today, September 26th from 2:30pm, at the Canal Rink in St. Catharines to meet with players and the community, and they will be in Orillia tomorrow from 4pm.

For more information, please contact Mr. Patrick Bazinet, VP of Development, at [email protected] / 514-835-2299.