Learn to Play Programs is proud to offer two unique learn-to-play experiences for players just getting into and learning the sport we love. Our programs are offered year round split into four different seasons to choose from – or choose them all!

Spring Season Summer Season Fall Season Winter Season
Registration Opens: January 15 April 15 July 15 October 15
Registration Closes: March 10 June 9 September 3 December 8
Season Starts: March 16 June 15 September 16 December 14


Rising Stars is an introductory program for youth aged 3-5 focusing on the enjoyment of the game, while teaching participants the very basic skills required to play. Participants will play a variety of games designed to teach them how to hold the stick, make a pass, and take a shot while keeping things light, enjoyable and interactive for the kids. Most sessions consist of basic games, a couple of simplistic hockey drills, and a fun hockey scrimmage to end the session, but beware, the scrimmage isn’t your normal hockey scrimmage. Ours features multiple hockey balls so every child gets an opportunity and sometimes even features soccer balls to change things up!

The Rising Stars program consists of 10 sessions on the same night and time each week. We generally offer two days to choose from each season, but these change season to season. Options are provided on the registration page. All participants are provided with a t-shirt jersey at the first session and receive a graduation medal & pizza party upon completion of the program.


Meet the Program Instructors
Coach Tyler & Coach Kat

UNDER 6 PROGRAM (Ages 4-6)

The Under 6 program is a hybrid between our Rising Stars program and our youth leagues, which begin at Under 8. The Under 6 program features 30 minutes of skills & drills and 30 minutes of game time. Unlike Rising Stars, participants are formed into teams with a designated coach. That coach leads the participants through the weekly drills and then into the game. Games are self-refereed by the coaches. For the final 2 games of the season, we transition into games with a referee.

It is recommended that parents first register their child into one session of the Rising Stars program. Our program instructors specialize in working with young children and ensuring they thoroughly enjoy their experience. If you feel your child needs game action and is too advanced for the Rising Stars and think the Under 6 is a better fit, our instructors would be happy to discuss and provide feedback for you. We want what is best for your child’s development and most importantly we want them to enjoy the sport we love!



Required Required Required Required Required
Ice hockey helmets are the standard, but there are lightweight ball hockey options available. Cages must be worn by anyone under the age of 18. For our learn-to-play programs, we do allow participants to wear soccer shinpads to keep them as comfortable as possible. Protective gloves required with full palms. Ball hockey, ice hockey or lacrosse gloves accepted. You can wear your favourite running shoes. Composite, ABS & wooden sticks accepted. Sticks must be in good shape with tape on the knob.


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