Youth FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What nights of play are offered for each division?

Each division has set playing nights. Please check out the Youth League information page for more details.

My son or daughter wants to play with a friend…is this possible?

Yes! Please ensure you register early so that you get your friend request in before the deadline. Also please make sure both friends request each other to ensure we can put you on the same team.  Requests are 1 for 1: additional requests will not be accepted.


My child wants to try playing goalie…How do I go about registering them as a goalie?

You’re in luck because its easier than ever! Simply register your son or daughter as a goalie when you sign them up.  Goalies also play for half off the registration fee! Follow the instructions and use the Goalie coupon code at checkout.

Do you offer refunds or credits if for whatever reason you may need to withdraw your registration?

Yes we do offer forms of compensation for registrations that need to be canceled. Various factors determine what can be offered back but please send an email to our Youth Coordinator, Dylan Riddle at [email protected] if you may need to cancel your child’s registration.


My child is brand new to the sport and has zero experience. Is that going to be a problem?

All of our youth divisions are house league with the main focus on FUN and development! We build our youth teams with fairness as our number one priority.  All skill levels are accepted.


What is Rising stars? Is that best for my child? 

For children between the ages 3-5 Rising stars is fantastic way to jump into ball hockey. Participants will play a variety of games designed to teach them how to hold the stick, make a pass, and take a shot while keeping things light, enjoyable and interactive for the kids


What does my child need to play?

Youth players are required to wear a hockey helmet with a full cage, hockey or lacrosse style gloves, shin pads, a hockey stick, and running shoes. A jock/jill strap is recommended.


Where can I purchase equipment?

We have a limited selection of equipment inside the pro shop of our Canal rink location! We offer a great variety of Knapper sticks, helmets, shin pads, shoes and gloves. For every option and colour choice, visit for all your equipment needs.


Is there a local store I can support and purchase equipment from?

Absolutely! Please support our friends at Front Row Sports in Thorold.  Front Row Sports has the biggest selection of Knapper Ball hockey equipment in Southern Ontario. Front Row Sports is located on Front Street in Thorold.


My child is looking for something more competitive, are there travel teams or tournaments?

(1) We have a variety of travel teams operating out of that are run independently by some of our youth coaches. Check out our Tournament teams page for more details.

(2) There are a number of youth tournaments throughout the year. offers two primary youth events in April & July.

(3) Reach out to our youth Coordinator, Dylan Riddle at [email protected]