Adult League FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What nights are games on?

All divisions have two set days for games: a primary night, and a secondary night (usually a weekend). Nights of play can be found on our Adult League Information Page.

Games Monday-Friday are played between 6:30pm-10:30pm. Saturday & Sunday games can be played between 1:00pm-10:00pm.


Do I have to add my roster into Shark media before the first game?

YES! Please add all your players into your lineup before arriving at the rink for your first game.  ALL PLAYERS (including the team rep) must sign the team waiver form at the rink before stepping on the floor.  Once signed each player will be approved. 


How much does my team have to pay and when is it due?

The team fee is $2250 (tax included). $250 is due to secure your spot on the schedule. $1000 is due before the first game.  The remaining $1000 is due prior to the 4th game. 


How can we pay?

We ask if possible the team rep makes the payments. The rep should be collecting the players fees and then the rep can make the payment to our staff at the rinks. Payments can also be made online!  If a player needs to pay by credit card please have them pay online.


Can we reschedule games this season?

Going forward we are getting away from rescheduling games.  It is important to note any scheduling requests prior to the season so that we can look after them at the time of the schedule release. If there is a reason that a reschedule may be required please reach out to Spencer Tanguay by email ([email protected]) at least a minimum of 5 days before the scheduled game. 


How do suspensions work?

Management will reach out via email informing you of any suspension that involves your team.  Team reps must ensure that players who are suspended sit out the required number of games.  If a suspended player is found to be playing the game will be deemed a forfeit and the team rep will be suspended for one (1) game.


I’ve never played, can I still get involved?

Yes, we have a wide range of divisions for all skill levels. Beginners are absolutely welcome!


I want to play, but I don’t have a team. How can I join one?

The easiest way to join a team is through social media. There is a Facebook page dedicated for teams and players looking for teams. 


What equipment do I need?

Starting this Fall 2024 season, all players will be required to wear a helmet & shinpads that cover the knee. A protective cage or visor is not mandatory but recommended. Players are also required to wear protective gloves, running shoes and of course have a hockey stick.


Where can I purchase equipment?

We have a limited selection of equipment inside the pro shop of our Canal rink location! We offer a great variety of Knapper sticks, helmets, shin pads, shoes and gloves. For every option and colour choice, visit for all your equipment needs.


Is there a local store I can support and purchase equipment from?

Absolutely! Please support our friends at Front Row Sports in Thorold.  Front Row Sports has the biggest selection of Knapper Ball hockey equipment in Southern Ontario. Front Row Sports is located on Front Street in Thorold.


Does offer tournaments?

Absolutely! We offer tournaments all year round.  Mens, Coed, Womens, Over 35, Over 50, and Youth division tournaments are offered at our events.  Please review the events calendar to determine which event is right for you.  Please email Spencer at [email protected] for more information.


How do I register a team for a tournament?

Registration can be found through “Online registration” on our website.  Please create an account or login to your account then select “Forms” followed by “Tournament Team Registration”.  Any questions can be directed to [email protected]